I am an applied economist whose primary research interests center on decision-making across agri-food systems. With research experience in consumer demand, agricultural marketing, and food policy, my long-term research portfolio will center on assessing the effect of food and beverage policies on consumer behavior, producer investment decisions, and supply chain efficiency.

Originally from Massachusetts, I completed my BA in Economics at Westfield State University in May 2018. I then moved to West Lafayette, Indiana to seek my MS in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University. Under the guidance of Dr. Carson Reeling, I completed my master’s thesis titled “Consumer willingness to pay for sustainability attributes in beer: A choice experiment using eco-labels” in August 2019.

I then moved to Michigan State University for my PhD in Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, where I spent my first three years exploring complexities in agricultural value chains with Dr. Trey Malone. We commonly used the beer and hop industries to study supply chain development, regulations, and agricultural marketing, but we also engaged in work on horticulture, specialty crop, and protein markets. Wrapping up my PhD, I now work with Dr. Vincenzina Caputo on projects related to consumer preference in food and drink.

As a job market candidate, I am eager to be part of a team that is dedicated to improving food supply chain efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability. My research is stakeholder-driven, and I enjoy interacting with and learning from different industry groups as I work to become one of their trusted sources for economic evaluations.

Extension presentation at the Great Lakes Hop and Barley Conference in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
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