Sustainable Brewing. Part V: Miscellaneous Practices

Although I divide sustainability into water, energy, and landfill diversion practices, breweries are also engaging in miscellaneous strategies that help reduce their environmental impact and improve community relationships. Examples of miscellaneous practices include forming “green” committees, partnering with environmental organizations, and supporting educational programs.

Founders Brewing Company created “Strike Force Green” to help build community relations (Founders Brewing Company, 2019). This team is made up of members of the Founders’ organization and help with “events like Tribute on the Grand, the WMEAC Mayors’ Grand River Cleanup, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks tree plantings and park beautification projects” (Founders Brewing Company, 2019).

Breweries have also begun partnerships with nonprofit organizations dedicated to conserving the environment. Maine Beer Company is a member of “1% for the Planet,” a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the environment from its most pressing issues (Maine Beer Company, 2018). Members donate 1% of annual revenues to environmental nonprofits, such as Maine Coast Heritage Trust, an organization committed to conserving Maine’s coastline (1% for the Planet, 2019). Appalachian Mountain Brewery’s Long Leaf IPA features a “Drink a Pint, Plant a Pine” fundraiser to help restore the longleaf ecosystem in the Southeast United States. The partnership between Appalachian Mountain Brewing Company and The Longleaf Alliance has led to the planting of 80,000 trees in the region (The Longleaf Alliance, 2018).

Supporting educational programs, such as the Western Michigan University Sustainable Brewing Program, is a final way to build community relations and a greener future. This program has an advisory board of industry leaders, which includes Bell’s Brewery, New Holland Brewing Company, and Arcadia Brewing, among others (Western Michigan University, 2019) and trains undergraduate students in sustainable brewing techniques for careers in the craft beer industry.


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